Monday, September 2, 2013

The end of summer

If I had to summarize my summer in one word it would have to be: "difficult". I don't think there has been a single season during which I have driven more miles, cried more tears, or suffered through as many stress-induced migraines. Through those miles, though, I got to know the ones I love most. Through those tears, I began to find relief through exercise and strength in myself. Through those hours of head-throbbing pain, I discovered how to let go of what I couldn't control. As difficult as this summer was, I learned more than I could ever hope for. It wasn't exactly how I would've hoped it to turn out but, now that's its all over, I can say simply that I learned a lot. There is no doubt more struggles to come as Jeremiah continues to search for a job and as I enter into my final undergraduate year. Sitting on the beach, yesterday, I thought over everything we have ahead of us. As my heart started to race from the stress, I took a deep breath and reminded myself of everything we had already conquered. While we waited for the sunset on the last day of summer, for the second year in a row, I said a little prayer. Not for thing to get easier or for some miracle to occur. Simply that, together, we continue to grow and learn through whatever life throws at us.

Today marks the first day of the fall semester so lets take a quick look at how I did on my summer goals and my new set of fall goals

My 5 summer goals:
  • To see things I had never seen <- Check: cross country road trip, stopping at spectacular sights such as the Grand Canyon at sunset and Mount Rushmore
  • Eat healthier <- Check: For example, I currently have no food that could be labeled as "junk food"
  • Exercise more <- Check: It was touch and go for a while but then I really got on track and have worked out everyday for the last 3 weeks
  • Get on track with my blogging <- Ehhh I'm still workin' on it.
  • Improve my crafting abilities <- Checkish: I made a few clothing items but I have a lot of room to improve
My fall goals:
  • Purposefully improve my healthy habits - so far I've only bought healthy food for a well planned out menu and am taking a Monday/ Wednesday step aerobics class, in addition to riding my bike to class, hiking, and running
  • Continue improving my crafting abilities - if practice makes perfect than no doubt my new work-study job as a seamstress will tone my sewing skills
  •  Make Dean's list - careful planning should make this the easiest one
  •  Smile more - first step: remind myself of all the things I have before thinking of all the things I think I need
Until next summer dear readers, study hard and prosper!