Future Swaps 

Holiday sticker swap - Ship date Dec. 6th

Completed Swaps

Mermaid Swap

Hosted by @Nikanne
Ship date: November 16, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 Medium craft
IG #MermaidCraftSwap #UnderTheSeaShells

Sent to @MichelleGarrette
A 1-Hour basket based off of the colors she described for her mermaid and a cozy scarf
Extras: Tear away canvas, embroidery floss, crab soap, "foreign" tea (Irish black, Oolong, English Black), coffee
from Israel, lots of stickers, a mermaid temporary tattoo, and a Newport,OR aquarium postcard

Received from @GEveretts
Glitter Mermaid in frame, mermaid shimmery crayons, 2 pillow cases, bubble gum, eos lip
 balm, a million little erasers, and a Little Mermaid journal

Star Wars Swap

Hosted by @Caitlin_Cormier
Ship date: November 2, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 Medium craft
IG #IAmYourFatherSwap

Sent to @ShelbeyLynnGrace
1 hour baskets for whichever side you're on with matching headbands

Extras: R2D2 coffee cozy, yarn, stickers, embroidery floss, a Orange Line (PDX max) exclusive pin, and a postcard

Received from **Not Yet Received**

Tolkien Swap

Hosted by @CraftyMrsAbbey & @BrittanyDino
Ship date: November 2, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 Medium craft

Sent to @KristinAppel
Arwen quote, Hobbit door necklace, Lembas bread leaf wrap coffee cup cozy w/ dragon tea, chai tea mix, Middle Earth map
mug, 2 balls of yarn, and a earth toned scarf

Received from @SeaSew.Dana
A super awesome cross stitch that tracks the routes of the Fellowship like a max line, Haribo gummy bears,
washi tape, fun pencils, and a set of cards for pen pal writing

Zombie Apocalypse Swap

Hosted by @Piratesbabe
Ship date: October 12, 2015
Swap requirement:
IG #ZombieApocalypseSwap2015 #TeamMedullaFrittata

Sent to @Cleveskold
Mr.Zombie amigurumi (pattern by me found on this blog), grow a zombie hand, exclusive
RCCC Walking Dead comic, sewing survival kit, crocheted finger chapstick holder,
and a melting zombie goo
Close up of Mr.Zombie (pattern found on this blog)

Received from **Not Yet Received**

WhedonVerse Swap

Hosted by @LifeOfShauna
Ship date: October 2, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 medium
IG #WhedonVerseSwap15

Sent to @KGirardReads
Buffy/ Dark Horse bag, Dark Horse lanyard, Angel & Faith poster, Buffy & Avenger comics, sticky notes, stickers, notecards, Starbucks insta-coffee, Buffy pin, and the "We Can Slay It" Buffy mini quilt
Close up of the Buffy "We Can Slay It" mini quilt

Received from @Lamypie79

The most amazing double knitted Serenity scarf, leafy coffee mug, coffee!, and coffee cozies

80s & 90s Craft Swap

Hosted by @_AshYoung_
Ship date: July 31, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 handmade gift
IG #80s90sCraftSwap

Sent to @Omi_Loves_Purple (who never even acknowledged that she received it and flaked on the person she was paired with; rude!)
Temporary 90's tattoos, Lisa Frank stickers, Mr. Mystery activity book, Lisa Frank puzzle, Babysitters cross stitch, and a gourmet scented pencil
Close up of the Babysitter's Club cross stitch that I designed and stitched just for this swap

Received from @CarPau0
Home Sweet Home Pokemon cross stitch (it was on my list of wants so she
totally nailed it!), Pokemon pillow, and Poke ball bracelet

Viva La Villains Swap

Hosted by @Nikanne
Ship date: July 15, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 medium handmade gift
IG #VivaLaVillainsSwap

Sent to @KealyKat
Crocheted Loki (baby friendly for her precious little; check out her Instagram for the cutest of pictures), Loki & magneto mug rugs, homemade Amish soft caramels, Marvel playing cards, Avengers expanding towel, and chap stick.

Received from @TinaThePow
Embroidered Elphaba hoop art, Darth Vader racer, Evil Queen and Ursula magnets,
Ursula coffee mug (love it so much), and (not pictured) sand from Englewood
Beach, Florida in a cute little glass jar.

Game of Thrones Craft Swap

Hosted by @DailyAlice87
Ship date: July 7, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 handmade gift
IG #GoTCraftSwap2015

Sent to @Betsyboo
Cross stitch Jon & Ingrid bookmark, Tyrell sigil mug rug, Full size Daenerys Targaryen Pop figure, lotion, Starbucks vias, and chocolate.

I was flaked on yet again but also once again a wonderful swap angel was sent my way, @Sooo_Charming
2 crocheted scarves, GoT magnets, Mother of Dragons wax tarts, direwolf necklace, and a GoT monthly calendar

Fabulous Fandom Frenzy (FFF) Craft Swap

Hosted by @LifeOfShauna
Ship date: June 26, 2015
Swap requirement: Any handmade craft 5"+, 5+ donated crochet or knitted granny squares sent to swap host, packages cannot be opened until July 28th (host's birthday)
IG #FFFSwap15

Sent to @LollyPopStitches / @LChidler85
Mickey Mouse purse, Back to the Future mug rug, Mickey crayons, princess bracelet kit,
princess bathrub drops, Disney World map, yarn, lotion, chapstick, and Minnie Mouse charm

Received from @LollyPopStitches / @LChidler85
Star Trek cross stitch, Haribo Minion candy, Hobbit door book mark, and Once Upon A Time the book.

AMC TV Swap 

Hosted by @AKChrissyMae
Ship date: June 30, 2015
Swap requirement: Mutual swap; 1 handmade item and a few extras

Sent to @MamaReese23
Walking Dead book bag with Walking Dead cross stitch as the front pocket, note cards, 4 perler bead kits for her kids, grow-a-zombie, and charms for a Origami Owl locket

Partnered with @MamaReese23 who never sent or even said thank you (rude!!) but I was given a wonderful swap angel @Sarah_Martin21 who sent me this:

Nerdy Mug Rug Swap

Hosted by @Sooo_Charming
Ship date: June 15, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 themed mugrug and ~$10 worth of extras
IG #NerdyMugRugSwap

Sent to @LauraWestKong
Star Trek biscornu pincushion (crew members pattern by Clouds Factory, Borg pattern from Star Trek cross stitch book, crew member extras and assembly pattern by me), Enterprise cross stitch magnet, Star Trek food replicator screen mug rug, lotion, lip balm, lotion bar, flower clips, chartreuse colored fabric, Starbucks vias, & tea

Received from @Raeshadrz
Star Trek insignia mug rug, Star Trek open wide pouch, tea,
& Walking Dead mini fig (Carl)

LPS Disney Craft Swap

Hosted by @LollyPopStitches
Ship date: May 29, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 medium handmade gift and a few extras
IG #LPSDisneyCraftSwap

Sent to @Mandark1
Tangled castle inspired mini quilt (I have never been more proud of something that I've made), fabric scraps, Frozen note pad, sparkly washi tape, bath fissies, Disney princess jelly belly candy, Disney princess Shrinky dink bracelet, Frozen pen, cat treats, and a lotion bar

Received from @CrochetByChabay
Tangled & Beauty and the Beast hand towels, cards, crocheted
rose bookmark, Disney princess stickers,
Ariel pez, & reusable Frozen grocery bag

Nerds Craft It Better

Hosted by @Lesulpipe
Ship date: May 14, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 medium and 1 small handmade item
IG #NerdsCraftItBetter
Group #PipersPadawans

Sent to @TheFairyDustBin
D20 dice bag, Dr Who soap, Dr Who/ altoid tin first aid kit, Dragon Age themed messenger bag, Mass Effect Amigurumi, Chocolate, & perler bead Xbox power button

Received from @mmiblogs 
Large Star Wars duffel bag, Medium Star Wars tote, small Star Wars pouch,
Klingon Art of War book, Shawl/ scarf with a Evenstar (LOTR)
necklace attached, and lots of Star Trek and Star Wars fabric
**Skitter approved as you can see**

Charming Spring Pincushion Swap

Hosted by @Sooo_Charming
Ship date: April 30, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 spring themed pin cushion & $5 worth of extras
IG #CharmingSpringPincushionSwap 

Sent to @Geeky_Threads
Veggie garden pincushion with veggie and gardening tool pins, altoid tin sewing kit (fishing theme), chicken pattern weights, note pad, stickers, lip balm, lotion bar, and candy

Received from @SewDexter
Groot pincushion (so awesome!!), coconut sugar scrub,
matchstick garden, butterfly stickers, glass head
pins, & a live succulent plant

Geek Swap

Hosted by @Mixed__Beautifully
Ship date: April 16, 2015
Swap requirement: $5 donation to Knit Together By Adoption, 3 item = ~$20 (not necessarily handmade), & a written note introducing yourself
IG #GeekSwap2015

Sent to @Sweet.T.Stitching
Star Trek (TNG) crew cross stitch, Spock socks, Klingon dictionary,
Medical officer uniform cup cozy, treats for her pup, and a Star
Trek fabric dog bandana

Received from @Sweet.T.Stitching
Nail filer, PDX carpet button, Star Trek button, lip gloss, paw print soap,
note pad, white floss, 1/2 Star Trek fabric, black aida cloth, 2 Star Trek cross stitch
patterns, cat & dog treats, and stickers!!!
**Shortly after this swap I had to factory reset my phone so I lost all the up close photos I had taken of what I made. The above 2 photos are screen shots from Instagram**

Sweet & Salty Easter

Hosted by @Weenchaweena
Ship date: March 23, 2015
Swap requirement: 1 Medium open wide pouch + 4 additional items (Easter & Salty themed)
IG #SweetandSaltyEasterSwap
Group #theSalties

Sent to @Sarah_Martin21
Open wide pouch w/ cursing bunnies, Amigurumi Thor (which I am most proud of), cat Thor button, Seam ripper, Candy, Thor comics, mini mend kit, mini wine, stickers, mini towel, and grow-a-zombie
Thor's hammer becomes a seam ripper when the top is removed
Received from @Stephalofagus
"F*** like a ..." open wide pouch, Coffee Crisp candy (YUM!),
Sour rings candy, Starbucks vias, and a charm pack of
Moda Paradiso fabric

Handmade Scarf

Hosted by @SewCaroline & @Sewbon
Ship date: February 10, 2015
Swap requirements: 1 handmade scarf
IG #HandmadeScarfSwap

Sent to @Morindew
1 flowery infinity scarf for her, 3 smaller infinity scarfs for her 2 daughters and son, sticky notes, & stickers

Received from Swap Angel @oh_jeanie
Infinity scarf (kinda grandma-y but that's probably what I love most about it),
blue fabric, Cadbury mini egg candy, and dark maroon nail polish

**Updated when swap packages are received**

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