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     Updated 8/10/15
    1. Plan our wedding
      • Venue booked!
      • Bridesmaids & MOH chosen (but haven't been asked so shhhh)
      • Colors chosen and samples printed
      • Deciding between 2 photographers
      • J and I are working on finances and finally purchased my engagement/ wedding ring
    2. Start saving for retirement
    3. Read 24 books - 20 of 24 complete
        • Divergent by Veronica Roth 7/31/15
        • Germination by Jamie Thorton 8/7/15
        • Insurgent by Veronica Roth 8/10/15
        • A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin 8/31/15
        • Wild by Cheryl Strayed 9/3/15
        • Locke & Key series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez 9/9/15
        • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas 9/14/15
        • Assassin's Blade (5 Throne of Glass novellas) by Sarah J. Maas 9/17/15
        • Sweet Tooth series by Jeff Lemire 9/22/15
        • Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas 9/22/15
        • My Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock 9/28/15
        • Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas 9/28/15
        • Four by Veronica Roth 9/29/15
        • Yes Please by Amy Poehler 10/4/15
        • Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas 10/9/15
        • The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle 10/13/15
        • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman 10/15/15
        • World War Z by Max Brooks 10/22/15
        • You by Caroline Kepnes 10/25/15
        • Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender 10/29/15
        • Armada by Ernest Cline - 10% complete
        • Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien - 3% complete
        • Twenty Years Later by Alexandre Dumas - 26% complete
        • Allegiant by Veronica Roth - 3% complete
        • Contamination by Jamie Thorton - 15% complete
        • my read shelf:
          Ariel Huffman's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
        1. Complete a Norway quilt
          • The plan is to complete 1 block per month (there are 9), then 1-2months to quilt, and the last month (if needed) to bind. 
          •  7/23 sizing corrected
        2. Give up candy for 1 month 8/7/15
            •  Haven't had candy since 7/9/15 and counting
            • 7/17/15 - I find that I have more energy throughout the day and feel less of a need to snack. Its actually quite enjoyable!
            • 7/24/15 - I definitely think I had some sort of addiction to candy. I still have cravings for it often enough but I found that I can quench that craving with some tasty frozen blackberries in my water (and it helps me drink more water). An added bonus has been that this has been the only change to my diet I've made plus walking the dog a short distance every day and I've already lost 5lbs! 
            • 8/10/15 - today marks day 33 of no candy and I think I'm going to continue with this for as long as I can. I will attempt to tackle the no sweets at some point so keep an eye out for that challenge.
            • **Bonus: Give up all sweets for 1 month+ ** 
            1. Go somewhere I've never been
                • **Bonus: Outside of the USA
                1. Call an old friend
                2. Fold 1,000 origami cranes - 1/1000 complete
                    7/22/15 - J & I folded our first cranes!
                    • **Bonus: J folds his own 1,000 - 1/1000 complete**
                    1. Unplug from the world 1 weekend (48-72 hour period) per month - 2/12 complete
                      • July 3-5 complete
                      • August 7-9 complete
                      • September 11-13 complete
                      • October 9-11
                      • November scheduled
                    2. Learn C++
                    3. Join a club (and participate!)
                      • Starting up October 1, I have joined 2 book clubs through Goodreads. As for participation, I've introduced myself and have picked up the books from the library. I still hope to join a more local club but for now, this will do quite nicely
                    4. Walk Worf 5x per week 
                        • **Bonus: Go on a long walk without needing the gentle leader**
                        • Week 1, 7/14-7/17 - 5/5! Also completed his first week on Prozac, a good visit to the dog park (aka he didn't snarl at any other dogs), and we witnessed him play with another dog for the first time!! There is hope!! 
                        • Week 2, 7/18-7/24  - 5/5 complete. I almost want to say that we've completed the bonus already - we walked from the apartment almost all the way to the max stop (to meet J on his way home from work) every day this week and for 3 of the days he made it all the way without his gentle leader! We did visit the dog park as well but a baseball game was going on and it made him a bit nervous. 
                        • Week 3 & 4 - 4/5 complete both weeks. I did more walking than just those 4 days and some of those days we went on more than one walk so I count these two weeks as a win :) I've been working on making sure I walk at least 3000/day (not a lot but remember I'm unemployed) and this last weekend I walked 10,000/day so huge win!
                        • Weeks 5-11 have averaged 4/5 walks. It turned out the Prozac was not as great as we had hoped, he started biting me when he didn't want to do things, and then the withdrawal process made us question if keeping him was even worth it. Those things made walks incredibly difficult but I pushed through and when he was up for it, we walked.
                        1. Participate in a race
                            • **Bonus: Money goes to a good cause**
                            1. Complete a crochet Storm Trooper blanket
                                • **Bonus: Finish blanket before the newest movie comes to theaters**
                                • Out of 94 black squares: 7 complete
                                • Out of 96 white squares: 0 complete
                                • Out of 24 grey squares: 0 complete
                                1. Go on a hike once per month
                                2. July 25 - Hiking in the rain at Sherrard Point on Larch Mountain
                                  • July - Sherrard Point on Larch Mountain 5.4 miles
                                  • August - oops
                                  • September - Urban Hike around Portland 6.3 miles
                                  • October - Tigard park and Corn Maze 4.9 miles
                                  • November - 
                                3. Take a kickboxing class and learn self-defense
                                    • **Bonus: Go back for more**
                                    1. Save $5000 for our Honeymoon
                                        • Current amount saved: $57.10 & 45.87
                                        1. Sell a quilt or cross stitch pattern
                                          • Working on editing a pattern I've already created and hope to list it in the next month or so
                                          • Opened Etsy shop 10/26/15 - StarShipVoyager
                                        2. Blog (at least) twice per month
                                            1. Get a full doctor's checkup
                                                • **Bonus: Get my tonsils removed**
                                                • Scheduled Apparently going to the doctor requires money that we don't quite have at the moment so this has been postponed for now
                                                1. Morning devotion and evening journal
                                                  • Week 1, 7/14-7/17 - 5/5. I discovered this app, The Fabulous, that is meant to help in developing goals. What works for me about it is that I know what habits I want to develop and in what order I want to do things, its the amount of time needed to do those things that I get hung up on. Through this app I have set up a morning, afternoon, and evening ritual that I can see how long it will take me and have an alarm go off at the appropriate time for me to be successful. I've woken up on time (thanks, I can't wake up app), started my day as it should, and completed the tasks I needed to throughout the day. 
                                                  • Week 2, 7/18-7/24 - 7/7 I've come to really enjoy my quiet time each morning as I read through the bible and I look forward to each night, curling up, and reading a few chapters of one of my books. 
                                                  • Week 3, 7/25-7/31 - 3/7 Having to be up at 5am each morning has really thrown off my habit tracker. I've been good with journaling, even if just a sentence or two, every night.
                                                  • Week 4, 8/1-8/7 - 0/7 Yikes! I'm hoping to work on catching up on my reading over the next few days to make up for how far I've got behind. Again, itss just the morning habits that I really struggle with, I've got the evening ones down :)
                                                  • end of Week 11 update - This has been a struggle and The Fabulous app started to drive me crazy. This coming week I'm hoping to hop back on the horse and find a balance in everything I do.
                                                2. Finish all 17 16 UFOs (UnFinished Objects) - 4/16 complete 
                                                    • Christmas quilt - Quilting nearly finished then just binding left to do
                                                      7/23 - WIP, matching up points & lines, only 2 sections left; 7/24 front piecing complete!
                                                    • Christmas ornaments (4) - glass balls bought
                                                    • POD quilt - 2 squares complete, need more fabric variations for books & brown wood fabric for bookcase In a group decision between J and I, we decided that this was one of those projects that didn't feel worth it to complete. Perhaps some day I'll pick up the idea of a bookcase quilt again, but for now the 2 completed squares will make a fun book bag or pillow.
                                                    • Goldust jacket - just needs hood and binding
                                                    • High school t-shirt quilt - needs redone/ back & front taken apart, insert batting, quilt, and bind
                                                    • Church/ summer camp t-shirt quilt - shirts selected - Bonus: use scraps to crochet a rug
                                                    • White blouse resized 7/24/15
                                                    • Men's polo alteration 7/24/15 
                                                    • Cat purse (needs closure & hardware) 7/24/15
                                                      XXL to fit for me; men's polo to comfy boat neck shirt; purse complete with strap hardware and flip-hole sewn shut
                                                    • Enterprise models - need correct glue and tweezers to complete
                                                    • Sand display - need more jars, labels, and another shelf
                                                    • Little Mermaid (Siren) cross stitch - completed 8/30/15
                                                    • crochet Star Trek (ENT) Andorian amigurumi - body complete
                                                    • Photo books (2-3) - photos organized
                                                    • Music transfer - 0 progress
                                                    • Fix sewing machine
                                                    • Crochet scarf - 1/4 complete
                                                    1. Write letters & goals to my future self (at 30, 40, 50, 60, & 70 years old)
                                                    2. Watch every episode and movie of X-files
                                                      • **Bonus: Finish watching them before the relaunch on January 24, 2016** 
                                                      • 7/17 Finished the 5th season today
                                                      • 7/24 X Files movie not available on Netflix so I had to skip it for now; On S.7 Ep.6
                                                      • 8/10 Currently on S.7 Ep.22 [s.7 ep.12 X-COPS was so funny!] I've been going through the series so quickly that I wanted to take a brief break to stretch it out a bit (knowing that it will be ending in just 2 seasons)

                                                      Updated every Friday at 5pm PST - Last updated 11/01/15

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