Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015 Wrap-Up

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Do you guys have any fun plans for tonight. Remember, fun doesn't necessarily mean partying with a rowdy crowd or getting dressed up even. If you're like me, tonight's fun is going go be filled with baking, zombie flicks, and driving around with pumpkin milkshakes to admire cute kids (in the most uncreepy way possible; milkshakes are for us not the kids).

Its that time of the month again when I admit to some failures and totally toot my own horn for some accomplishments. No, I'm not talking about the always ill-timed Aunt Flow. I'm talking about my an actual list of books, comics, and other media that I enjoyed and the few things that I didn't quite get to. I'm not going to give a full review on everything but rather have a honorable mention from each category. Then, later in the month, I may revisit a few that I especially enjoyed. First up on the October 2015 tour is books and graphic novels (if you are interested in reading my full review on each, check that out on Goodreads, LibraryThing, and/or Amazon):


Yes Please by Amy Poehler - ★★★★☆
Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas -★★★★★
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman -★★★★☆
The Accident Season by Mo├»ra Fowley-Doyle -★★★☆☆
World War Z by Max Brooks -★★★★☆

You by Caroline Kepnes -★★★★☆ Featured on Stephen King's own "11 books that scared" him list, this one will frighten you in ways you didn't think possible. When a young, beautiful girl stops into a little bookstore and meets Joe for the first time, she doesn't know that he will soon become her stalker and later devoted boyfriend. This book is entirely from Joe's point of view, confusing you into thinking that his actions are totally valid and that he should win Beck over. This isn't the type of book that will keep you up at night or have you jumping out of your seat when someone sneaks up on you. It will however have you questioning the guy you pass on the street, "Didn't I see him at the grocery store yesterday?" or that friendship that was too perfect too fast. I was hooked till the end of this book and I can't wait for the next one (and it feels so wrong to say that) coming out next year.

Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender -★★★☆☆
The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks -★★★★☆

Graphic novels:

Dr. Horrible by Zack Whedon -★★★★☆
Lumberjanes vol. 1 by Noelle Stevenson -★★★★☆
Walking Dead vol.23 by Robert Kirkman -★★★★☆
Flight vol. 1 -★★★★☆
Flight vol. 2 -★★★★☆
Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago, vol.1 - ★★★☆☆
Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic, vol. 1 - ★★★☆☆

Fables book 1 by Bill Willingham -★★★★☆ When I initially picked up this graphic novel, I wasn't certain that I would enjoy it. If you're a fan of the tv show Once Upon a Time, then you will definitely like this. What would happen if the fairy tales that we all know and love were kicked out of their kingdoms? Where would the non-human characters live to avoid questions and how would they feel about being hidden from the world? This comic explores it all and is certainly no children's tale. It was great fun to include this in my October reads and I have the remainder of the series planned on my November and December TBR lists.

The Lovecraft Anthology, vol.1 ed by Dan Lockwood -★★★★☆
Nimona by Noelle Stevenson -★★★★☆

Yes, I spelled "quotes" wrong
I know you're impressed with all my fancy boxes and stars and such. I've been practicing my html skills. That totally counts towards my 24 by 25 item of learning a programming language right? This was also my first full month of using my book journal so here are a few pages from that:

If you look close enough at my written list you'll notice that I didn't make it through all the books I intended to, rescheduling some and just crossing others off. In the case of The Martian, for example, I'm on a crazy long wait list at the library (currently #124 of 238). In the case of others, I kept skipping over them to read a more themed book (October = scary) so they got moved to their own themed months. Also, as I got more books, I ran out of room so (not shown) I had to add a small section to the back of the previous page to include those books.

This was my favorite page mainly because I doodled the badges from Lumberjanes, I started working in more than just books, and I added little embellishments to make the titles stick out more. Feel free to read over my notes but don't expect college level notes. I'm reading for fun after all and when I jot down notes, its in a hurry so I can move on to the next page of the book.

Here's what the majority of the pages looked like this month - just lots of words. I read along with 2 book clubs this month through Goodreads so for those books (Accident Season in the picture) I took extra notes along with the discussion topics so that I could join in on the weekly/ monthly chats.

As I made my way through the month, I thought I would also go ahead and give my opinion, which you obviously value so much, on some new tv shows, games that I've tried out, and movies I watched. I'll keep them on the same 5 star scale and for each category, as before, I'll have an honorable mention.


Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)★★☆☆☆

Code: Black (CBS)★★★★☆ This month kicked off this shows first season with its name originating from the code given when there is an overflow of patients in the ER and doctors have to triage (tend to the most needed cases first as opposed to first-come-first-serve). We didn't have any plans to watch it but since it comes on just after Criminal Minds, we were still wide awake, and have each entertained the idea of becoming a doctor at some point, we figured "why not?" As with any medical drama show you're going to have the typical scenario of "we don't know what's happening" and then they miraculously figure it out at the end (J compares it closely with House M.D.). To me there seems to be a greater emphasis on the medical side of things and less on the drama aspect (thought that is changing as the season progresses) which I like a lot. Granted I have never worked in a ER but I have been to one my fair share of times. My experiences have never been like they are in the show (don't worry, in the majority of times I've been to the ER I was the caring friend or underpaid group-home staff member) but for whatever reason, that's totally okay (that and the hospital they are depicting is the one that hits code:black are crazy number of times a year). If any of this sounded interesting to you, I encourage you to watch the show and let me know what you think.

American Horror Story: Hotel (FX)★★★☆☆

No new games (worth mentioning) tried this month


Oculus (2013; R)★★★★☆ I wanted to start the month out with a scary flick but not so scary that I would be kept up at night. Success! Oculus is a psychological thriller in which a mirror that is possessed by a dark force kills its owner by playing mind games with them. Two children who's father had the mirror when they were children attempt to defeat the mirror with an elaborate plan but how can you fight against something that can control what you perceive? The psychological aspect of this movie was especially interesting to me so if you're looking for a scary movie to watch on this Halloween night (and zombies just isn't your thing), I have the perfect movie for you.

Rosewater (2014; R)★★★★☆

Human Centipede (2009; R) ☆☆☆☆☆ Just no. This is not an honorable anything. I watched this out of morbid curiosity after it was mentioned in Amy Poehler's book Yes Please. DO NOT WATCH. I seriously wanted to vomit the entire time. Here's the gist - a crazy doctor who is renowned for seperating conjoined infants gets it in his head to reverse the proceeder. He sews the mouth of one person to the butt hole of another person, and that person's mouth to the butt hole of another. So... a human centipede. It's as gross, if not more than, how it sounds. I hope this description fulfilled any desire you may have had in watching it... excuse me while I go vomit at just the memory of it.

Up On Poppy Hill (2011; PG)★★★★☆
Castle in the Sky (1986; PG)★★★★☆
Tales from Earthsea (2006; PG-13)★★★☆☆
The Wind Rises (2013; PG-13)★★★☆☆
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013; PG)★★★★☆
The Lazarus Effect (2015; PG-13)★★☆☆☆

You'll be impressed to hear that I accomplished more than just sitting on my patooty reading and watching tv. I finished three swaps, repaired a number clothing items (like the ripped out pocket from my favorite pair of sweatpants), and finally began quilting on my Christmas quilt (Im' hoping to have it completely finished by the end of this next week). I'm really happy with how it turned out and I'm so glad that I finally pushed my nerves aside and did it. I'd still like to improve my quilting skills but at some point I'm going to need to get my sewing machine fixed and/or send my quilts off to a professional quilter (because there's no way I can afford one of those giant fancy quilting machines).

I had hoped that this would be the month that I would at least get an interview but alas GOT A JOB! No joke. By Thursday evening I had this all typed up and ready to be posted today but also on Thursday I applied to a few more jobs then watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Soon after the movie finished I had a call from one of the jobs I had just applied for, asking if I wanted to come in for an interview the next morning (Friday morning) - Uh duh! So yesterday morning I dressed for the job (like dressed as if I was going to start that day and I had already been to the store enough to know what their dress code was), got there 30 minutes early, answered questions with honesty, and gently pet some yarn and fabric for good luck on my way out the door (I'm totally serious)

I got home at 10:33am. Called J, paced around the house like a maniac because I thought for sure I hadn't gotten the job. I'm not tooting my own horn here but I was way overqualified for the job so much so that I avoided bringing up that I graduated college. I was nervous I wouldn't get the job and the older lady who arrived in sweat pants would (I could write a book on the three other people I interviewed with). I texted my mom to try and elevate some stress and when I heard my communicator chime (because I am trekkie through and through), I rushed to see not my mother's response but an email that started out, "Congratulations on your job offer..." WHAT?! 10:57am I received an email from Joann's saying they were offering me the job and I just needed to go ahead and accept it (Commence victory dancing/ prancing around the house shaking my butt at the cats sleepy faces).

Yup, so you're reading the blog of a mid-twenties, 2-bachelor degrees girl who cried when she heard she finally got a job making minimum wage in a retail setting during the holiday rush. My official position: Seasonal Team Member at my local Joann Fabric and Craft Store. Depending on when my background check goes through (because I totally killed, like, 10 people) I start on Wednesday. Yeah, less than a week from applying I finally have a job. What's crazy is my interview to job offer ratio remains undefeated. For every job I have ever interviewed for, I have been offered a job. See, if only that dream job out there would offer me an interview they would see how awesome I am. With my new craft store retail position I now have a little extra time to look for that dream job, finally start buying things for my wedding, and begin paying off those school loans for the degrees that make me overqualified to make minimum wage but under qualified to get a job to afford those dang loans...

I'm going to continue some of my home-based work as a freelance transcriptionist and, now, etsy shop owner. I was given the amazing opportunity to do research alongside my favorite professor so I am actively working on that. So I'll keep ya'll posted on how you can possibly be apart of that. The last week or so I have also been contacted by a few publishers and authors asking that I review their books. Psh, a free book for an honest review?! Count me in! I'll always let you know when I'm reviewing a book I've received for free but I will also promise to always give an honest review.

Hop on back over here tomorrow to hear about all the exciting plans I have for November and starting Monday I'm amping up the consistency with M-W-F posts about crafting, books, and everything else (don't worry, they won't all be so long winded). In the comments below, let me know what sort of things you would want to read about. In the posts that you've read so far what things do you particularly enjoy and what things could I tone down a bit?

As always, you can follow me on Instagram @trekkiechick29 or Pinterest @TrekkerChick29 or Twitter @AimeXAime and check out my newly opened etsy shop. Until tomorrow my super supportive peeps, live long, don't eat too much candy tonight, and prosper!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zombie reads and views

Look at us! Being all consistent and such. Today it's going to be all about Halloween scares! 

When it comes to scary things, I can be a bit of a wuss. Real life scares like stalkers and murderers are fine things to be afraid of. I get my fix of those from Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU. Of course there's also medical scares like disease, cancer, and death. Unfortunately, I don't have to go to the internet or tv for those sorts of things (though I am loving the new show Code: Black). 

Then there are the more paranormal things that make up the bulk of Halloween movies: Monsters, demons, ghosts, and zombies. Demons and ghosts, though I'm not sure if I believe in them, terrify me. Like, close my eyes, cover my face, cry a little, and squeeze the crap out of J's hand/arm/leg (whatever he foolishly lets me hold when watching a scary movie) kind of scared. 

Okay, side note: J and I have an unspoken agreement that I only watch a handful of scary movies a year because I have a death grip. He always lets me hold on and hide behind him (because those things can escape from the tv, dontcha know) when the need arises. He's pretty good at knowing when something is going to jump out and activate my I'm-going-to-die-reflex (except those times, in the middle of the night, I think I see something. I mean, come on, why can't he just unconsciously know that the shadow created by the closet door totally looks like a tall man holding a knife about to kill us...) and he prepares accordingly... Though if a movie is too scary, he asks first if I want to turn it off then tells me I can't hold his hand and gives me a cat or a blanket to latch onto *No cats were harmed in the watching of scary movies*

Demon/ possessed children are the most terrifying for me. For example, I've watched Pet Sematary a fair number of times but if its dark outside, I have to turn the movie off when it gets to Gage. Sorry kid, you're too good of a little actor and you freak me out. 

Of all the things that scare me though, zombies are not one of them. In fact, some of my favorite nightmares are when zombies suddenly show up and I get to go all Michonne-ninja on their asses and chop off their heads with random scrap metal or with my own katana or, one time, a Back To The Future hover board (true story). 

I love how different people imagine the zombie apocalypse and how they portray that in their writing and artistry. Some take on the task of describing the onset of the apocalypse while others pick it up years later, when people are coping with how to survive. Plus, there are different kinds of zombies: There are the slow walkers or roamers that slowly drag themselves towards a sound while moaning. Or the runners that you have no chance of escaping (okay, they're a little scary). Or how about the ones that have some intelligence and are seeking revenge. Oh! Or the ones that have super hearing and really react to it, chasing it down, digging into the ground, destroying windows to get to whatever dared make the sound. 

In all cases, the way to kill/ stop a zombie is to kill the brain. Isn't that interesting? That when it comes to things to keep us up at night, the way to stop it is through the brain. When you consider vital organs, do you even consider the very thing making the list? When it comes to the paranormal its the often times the soul that remains, right? So in the end, the things that we value and fear are the soul and the brain of an individual. Interesting, huh? 

So, since I love zombies I thought I would share with you some of my favorites. I have compiled a short list of media that are all about zombies. For the books, you can get them from your local library and the tv shows and movies are all offered on Netflix. Can't decide how to theme your Halloween party - you're welcome! Zombie themed of course. In fact, just for you, I'll also include a few links to zombie themed food and activities. Here you go:


World War Z by Max Brooks - Written in the form of interviews done around the world, Max Brooks takes us on an investigative journey on when the war with the Zs began, how the world reacted, and how we finally pushed back the Z horde and fought our way back to living.

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks - Are you unprepared for the oncoming Zs? Have no fear! Stop by your local library now (or if the Zs have already attacked just bust into your local book store) and grab a copy. Max Brooks prepares us with tips on attire, weapons, keeping your own head, and anything else you may need to know to stay alive during the war with the Zs. 

Feast of Weeds series by Jamie Thornton - If you prefer the young adult category of books, than this is for you. This series follows a teenage runaway who is living on the streets when the zombie outbreak first occurs. The first book (Germination) is a 92-page novella so if you're not sure about it, I encourage you to just try it out. Then if you like it, grab the other two books. The fourth in the series is set to be coming out soon!
Note: I received the first 3 books of the series for free by being apart of the author's launch team and just recently won a giveaway to have a hard, signed copy, of the 3rd book. I'm including this series in my zombie-must-list because I actually enjoyed the books, not just because I received some free stuff.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austin - Perhaps you have a more refined taste when it comes to books. Doesn't everyone love when a beloved tale is overtaken by the zombie horde? Seth Grahame-Smith does a marvelous job at incorporating zombie attacks into the life of Elizabeth who is quickly distracted by the haughty and arrogant Mr. Darcy. The original tale is all there, just insert zombies and you have a whole new story. What I'm saying is, if you're embarrassed to say you read this before the original, don't worry because its all there and you can still sound sophisticated by quoting it. Oh! BTW: I hear they're coming out with a movie soon so here's the trailer for that.

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman - If you prefer something with a few more pictures, then this is for you. Even if you've kept up with the show, I encourage you to read this. Many of the characters we all know and love are there (not Daryl, sorry ladies who scream sexism at every turn but salivate at the sight of a rebel in an unnecessary leather vest) but are not necessarily portrayed the same way. The comic and the show took a turn a season or two back so you won't even be spoiling the show for yourself in reading the comic.

TV Shows:

The Walking Dead (AMC) - Reading words too much for you? (I guess not if you made it this far) As a tv show, The Walking Dead is one of the highest rated tv shows right now. All the seasons are up on Netflix right now so spend your Halloween weekend binge watching Rick and his crew try to find some semblance of the past. This Sunday is episode 3 of the newest season so, don't worry, you're not that far behind.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) - Okay, I didn't actually care too much for this one but a lot of people did so here it is. I didn't like it because it went against the whole point of Robert Kirkman writing the Walking Dead. That is, TWD gives us a look into the "what now?" that we're always left with at the end of the typical zombie flick. It starts off with Rick in the hospital waking up from a coma after the initial onset of the walkers and continues into the lives of those who have to survive day to day. Fear the Walking Dead (and that new show about the flight) are what TWD isn't, how people respond at the initial onset. Jeez people! Anyway, its a fine story line with your drama and zombies. The series started out as a mini-series but because people loved it so much, I hear they're bringing it back as their own series. I even think they threw more money at Chris Hardwick to host an after show like he does with The Talking Dead.

Z Nation (SyFy) - Currently only on their second season, Z Nation starts off giving a comedic feel to TWD. Stick with it! Eventually, the writers find their story line with Murphy being the key to saving the world. If you're looking for something with zombies, feels, and laughs then this is the show for you. In my internet search for zombie shows, this wasn't on any of them but I think it definitely deserves mentioning! As with many SyFy movies, it has that B-flick feel to it which, I think, makes it that much better. Seriously, give it a try!

There are a lot of movies I could mention here like Shaun of the Dead but I'll just mention my personal favorites.

Dead Snow (2009; R) - What happens when a ski vacation becomes a fight for your lives against nazi zombies? I started watching this a few years back and didn't make it past the first few minutes when I realized its mostly in Norwegian (there are subtitles) but when J and I decided to give it another go, we were not disappointed. These zombies do have some intelligence so watch out as a group of medical students utterly fails at fighting their way out of their snow oasis against a group of dead nazis stranded in Norway. Yeah, its that great!

Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead (2014; R) - If the first film wasn't enough, they made another one! The second one is just as gruesome and just as funny. Again, they speak a lot of German and Norwegian but there is some English in there and there's always subtitles. Here's a one sentence summary from IMDB: If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm off, and watching in horror as your closest friends were devoured by a zombified Nazi battalion, you'd have to assume that things couldn't get much worse. In Martin's case, that was only the beginning. You wanna watch it now, huh? 

Yes, that is a zombie sitting in a tank

Zombies vs Cockneys (2012; NR) - Are you concerned that your gram or granddad can't make it when the zombie virus breaks out? You needn't worry! A group of young bank robbers, attempting to find the funds to support their dear ones, find themselves fighting off the undead to rescue their elderly family. I apparently have a thing for zombie killing and comedy because just like the first two movies, this one has plenty of laughs to keep you hooked throughout the entire film.

World War Z (2013; PG-13) - Okay, so laughing isn't your thing. Zs are serious business, after all. Now, I don't think the movie and the book can even be compared since nearly the only thing they have in common is their title. In WWZ Brad Pit takes on the task of finding patient zero while the rest of the world is just trying not to be attacked by some of the fastest zombies you've ever seen. Not only does he find patient zero but he may just have a solution to finally be able to fight back. 

Cabin in the Woods (2012; R) - Another group of friends going off into the middle of nowhere to enjoy a relaxing vacation when suddenly things take a turn towards the dead. Written by Joss Whedon (you know, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avengers - that Joss) this movie does not disappoint. It's been described as hilarious, dark, and bloody so you know it has to be good. When I watched it I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take it seriously or not but I think that's kind of the point.

For more Zombie flicks check out the list made my Zombie Research Society which has a full list of what is offered on Netflix and their own ratings. Also, there are a lot more zombie themed everythings but I just wanted to list a few of my favorites here to get you started. I mean, there are so many hours in a day so I didn't want to overwhelm you with how far you are behind on preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Finally, as promised, some zombie themed party ideas. I had originally decided to go through and list a few links but there was so many good ideas out there. I just decided to make a pinterest board. Some of the ideas would also work well for a medical themed get together or perhaps a discussion on the brain. Either way, you'll find lots of food and drink ideas along with some decorations and activities to keep your guests busy through the night. Now I kind of wish I had researched for this post earlier so we could've thrown a sweet party. Oh well, zombie movie night date will have to do for this year.

Thanks for joining me on this little undead adventure. In the comments below, let me know what you're doing for Halloween or what you're favorite zombie read/ watch is. J and I have a tradition of getting pumpkin smoothies (though we may make them this year) and driving around to ooh and aww at the kiddos in their costumes (in the least creepy sense as possible). Oh! Also, don't forget that I opened up an etsy shop so I need some name suggestions! What are some handmade things you would want to purchase? Maybe check a few things off your Christmas gift list. I aim to please :)

As always you can follow me on InstagramPinterest, Twitter, Goodreads , and/or LibraryThing. Join me on Saturday as I wrap up the books I read and tv shows/ movies I watched this last month. And on Sunday when I make a game plan for the month of November. Until then my zombie-fighting team, live long, aim for the head, and prosper!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Zombie Amigurumi

I would first like to say that I am offering this pattern free but if you don't crochet or if you just don't have time, you can also buy one already made (from me!) through my newly opened etsy (I would certainly appreciate the business!).

I made this lil guy, who I call Mr.Zombie, for a zombie apocalypse themed swap while also reading my way through World War Z. I had originally planned to make him look decomposed and all nasty but he began to come together, I switched gears and decided he was going to be a recently turned zombie (as you may see at the start of the apocalypse). I may return to him someday and make the gnarly edits that could only come from surviving the human threat and time spent roaming while your guts hang out but for now he remains cute.

Materials needed:
  • E/4 crochet hook (3.50mm)
  • 2 safety eyes
  • Worsted weight yarn in tan (or whatever skin color you choose; I think a variegated green would be pretty cool too), red, blue (pants), grey (shoes/ belt), pink, and white (shirt)
  • Polyester stuffing such as Polyfil
  • Yarn needle
  • Approx. 3 pipe cleaners (best if in same color as yarn used for skin)

     Stitches used:
  • ssc - single crochet
  • st - stitch
  • dec - single crochet decrease
  • slst - sling stich
This project is worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise noted

Ball Joint & Upper Body:

Row 1: Crochet 6 sc in magic ring with skin colored yarn (6)
Row 2: Inc all the way around (12)
Row 3: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (18)
Row 4: sc all the way around (18)
Row 5: [sc, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (12)
Row 6: [sc, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (8)
Row 7: sc all the way around (8)
Row 8: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (12) On the very last stitch of this row, switch colors from skin to white (shirt).  This marks the beginning of the upper body.
Row 9: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (18)
Rows 10-13: sc all the way around (18)
Row 14: Ch1, switch to pink and chain 8, switch back to white and ch 1, skip 2 sc from the body and continue row (2 skipped, 16 sc)
Drop tan and go back to the pink, [ch 1,turn, sc 6] * Repeat * 3x
Slip stitch, clip yarn with a few inches to spare, fold your little pocket rectangle in half and sew the bottom (the row you just finished) together.
Row 15: pick the white back up, stitch 3 sc into your pocket (1 in the bottom side, 1 where you joined the halves, and 1 on the other side), then continue your normal sc around. (19)
Row 16: 1 sc, dec, 16 sc (18) slip stitch and tie off end

You now have the upper body of your zombie complete with inside pocket to contain the guts. I would suggest going back, perhaps with red or pink thread, and sewing the pocket sides closed and to the open sides so you don’t accidentally pull out stuffing or shove the intestines somewhere unretrievable.

Also at this point you can begin stuffing your zombie, making sure the head pivot ball is stiff and, when you fill the body portion, there’s enough room for your pocket.

Legs (Make 2):

Row 1: Sc 5 into magic ring with white yarn. (5)
Row 2: Sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1 (7)
Row 3: Sc all the way around (7)
Row 4: Repeat Row 3. (7) switch to blue
Row 5: Sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1 (10)
Row 6-8: Sc around (10)
Once you’ve finished the first leg and cut the yarn at a suitable location, repeat for the second leg. 
This time, after finishing the leg, don’t cut the yarn off.  Instead, go through the first sc of the current leg and the ending sc of the 1st leg.
From there, sc around the 1st leg for 8 sc. Sc into the final sc of the 1st leg and the next sc of the 2nd leg (so you will have 2 sc joinng the legs together). Finish sc through the remainder 8 sc of the 2nd leg. In total you should have 18sts.
Sc around (18) Do not cut off the yarn when you have closed this row.

Next, you are going to be attaching the ball joint/upper body to the legs, so stuff the legs to your liking at this point.  After that, sc the two parts together using the grey/black yarn. Finish the row and cut the yarn.
He looks a bit odd right now but stick with it!

Shoes (Make 2):

Shoe tops
To begin, ch 10 and then sl st to connect the loop on your hook and the first ch you made with Grey/ Black yarn.  
(In effect, you are creating a ring out of these 10 sts.)
Row 1: sc around (10)
Row 2: sc around (10)
Row 3: sc 4, inc 2, sc 4 (12)
Row 4: sc 5, inc 2, sc 5 (14)
Row 5: sc 6, inc 2, sc 6 (16)

Shoe soles (Grey/ Black yarn)
Row 1: Ch 4. Skipping the ch closest to but not on the hook, sc into the next chain on the left side of the v made. Then, sc into the next chain on the left side.  You should be left with a single chain at this point.  Sc twice into the left side of the chain and then once into the right side.  Then, moving towards your starting point, sc into the next chain on the right side and then the last chain twice.  Sl st to close row. (8)
Row 2: Inc all the way around.  Sl st to close row. (16)

Attaching the top and sole
Take a length of yarn and go through both loops of an sc on the wider end of the shoe top and both loops of an sc on the sole.  Sc these together and repeat all the way around. 
Then, do the same on the other shoe.


Leaving an inch or so at the end, with red, ch 50, tie off leaving another inch of so

To attach to the zombie, using your crochet hook, grab a loop on the inside of the pocket (if you can pull it inside out, that would work too). From there, tie off both ends of your intestines to the inside of the pocket so that you are left with a red chained loop.

Arms & Hands:

Fingers (4 per hand)
Thumb/ pinkie (make 2): With tan, Ch4. Turn and Sc 3. In last sc, Pull up an inch or so of thread and trim
Longer fingers (make 6): With tan, Ch5. Turn and Sc 4. In last sc, pull an inch or so of thread and trim

I had originally planned 5 fingers/ hand but changed my mind as I began putting the hand together since 4 fit better.

For all fingers: Bend the top of a pipe cleaner (I used red here 1. Because I ran out of tan and 2. So you could see the difference between the pipe cleaner and the yarn a little bit easier) over the top most loop of a finger so as not to poke out of the end or slip out of the finger when attached.

Next lay the pipe cleaner in the center of a finger with the bent end being the top of the finger.
Taking one tail end of yarn, whip stitch the two sides of the finger together around the pipe cleaner.
Finally, clip the pipe cleaner leaving approximately 1/4in at the end for when we attach the fingers to the hand.

Arm (and hand; make 2ish):
Row 1: In tan, ch10. Slst to create a ring
Row 2: sc all around (10)
Row 3: dec, sc 6, dec (8)
Row 4: dec, sc 4, dec (6)
Row 5-7: sc all around (6) *end here for one arm
Row 8: sc all around (6) to continue full arm *for ripped off arm, ch 6 and slst to make a ring
Row 9: dec, sc 2, dec (4)
Row 10-12: sc all around (4)
Row 13: switch to white yarn, stitching only in the outer loops, sc all around (4)
Row 14: Inc, sc, Inc sc (6)
Row 15: Inc, sc 4, Inc (8)
Row 16-17: sc all around (8)
Pull the sleeve so that it flips around the arm, tie off, and weave end to the base of the arm for when we attach the arm to the body

Closing the ripped out arm
In a magic ring using red yarn, sc 6, slst  (make 2)
Using your yarn needle with the red yarn end, whip stitch to arm end by going first through the outer loop of a tan sc up through the top/ outer loop of a sc in the red magic ring. Do this all the way around (total of 6 times), tie off, and weave in.

My nail polish is so on fleek (did I use that word correctly?)

Attaching fingers to hand
First, take a pice of pipe cleaner, make a triangle shaped loop the size of the zombie's palm, and twist down the length of the arm plus a little extra to poke out the end.

One finger at a time (obvi) wrap the finger pipe cleaner around the top of the arm skeleton pipe cleaner, ending with the sharp end pointing towards the finger (just to avoid poking the future recipient). I put my shorter finger in the corner of the triangle to give it a bit of an angle. At this time you also want to trim up those finger ends to roughly the length of the hand (they’ll act as stuffing; you can certainly add more stuffing if you feel your hand/arm needs a little more life).

Next, pull your pipe cleaner skeleton through your arm so that the hand skeleton slips nicely into place and the extra length sticks out at the sleeve. If you’re having a bit of difficultly getting it through the narrow part of the arm, push your crochet hook through the arm from the sleeve end, wrap your skeleton around the end, and pull through. 

Finally, using your yarn needle and tan yarn, sew the hand shut. When folded in half, the hand should have 5 sc on either side of the fingers (5 of the back of the hand and 5 for the palm) so using those as your guide, stitch through those loops and through the fingers to make them extra secure.

Attaching arm to body
Hook the arm skeletons to the sides of the body along the first row of white, where you want your arms

Now using the white ends left from the sleeves, sew the sleeve/ arm onto the body around the skeleton/ pipe cleaner. I suggest moving the arm around to make sure you completely cover your pipe cleaner so that it doesn’t show (I thought I was done until I moved my arm into the shape I wanted it and I realized I had completely missed a spot)

Keep in mind that it looks disproportionate because that little ball on top is just the pivot ball, not the head. Don’t freak out. You’re doing great!


Row 1: Sc 8 into magic ring using Aran yarn. (8)
Row 2: Inc all the way around (16)
Row 3: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (24)
Row 4-6: sc all the way around. (24)
Row 7: [sc, dec] Repeat * all the way around (16)
Row 8: sc all the way around (16)
Row 9: [sc, inc] Repeat * all the way around (24)
Row 10: Sc counterclockwise all the way around (24) What this technique will do is make it so the “right side” of the crochet switches sides.  The rows you made so far will actually be on the inside of the head and function as a place for the body joint to go into, thus making the head pivotable.
Row 11: (go back to crocheting clockwise) [sc 2, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (32)
Row 12-15: sc all the way around (32)
Row 16: Sc 7, dec 4, sc 2, dec 4, sc 7 (24) *place a marker at the 2nd dec and 6th dec, this is where the eyes will go

Row 17: Sc 6, inc 12, sc 6 (36)
Row 18: Sc all the way around (36)
Row 19: [sc 4, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (30)
Row 20: [sc 3, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (24)
At this point, I’d recommend stuffing the head (just lightly around the pivot) and placing eyes if you’re going to do safety eyes. 
Row 21: [sc 2, dec] * Repeat * counterclockwise in the inside loops only (18) The outer loops will act as a hair line when we add the hair/ head latch.
Row 22 : (go back to crocheting clockwise) [sc 2, inc]  all the way around (24)
Row 23-24: sc all the way around (24)
Row 25: [sc, dec] * Repeat * all the way around (16)
Row 26: dec all the way around (8)
Row 27: dec all the way around (4) tie off and weave in end


Row 1: 6 dbc in a magic ring with pink (or light green) yarn (6)
Row 2: Inc dbc all the way around (12)
Row 3: [dbc, inc dbc] * Repeat * all the way around (18)
Row 4: [dbc, dec dbc] * Repeat * all the way around (12)
Row 5: dec dbc all the way around (6) stuff, tie off, and weave in end. It should fit loosely in the head space at this point.

Make 2 chains of 75+ each, depending on how close you would like your gryi (the convolution of the brain) bound together. I sewed a straight line down the center of the brain to keep me oriented and then started from the magic rings on either side, stitching down the brain chains/ gyrus. I only attached the gyri to the sides (temporal lobe area) and front to back, leaving the bottom flat (thought that's not what an actual brain looks like). Once everything is stitched down, it should fit snuggly into the zombie’s head.

Top & left = without the attached gyri; Right & bottom = completed brain


Using your yarn needle, satin stitch a nose. I placed mine 1 row below the eyes, 2 stitches in from the eyes, and it is 3 stitches wide. I stitched across 4 times for the desired look of the nose and then tied off the yarn end.

Ears (Make 2):

Sc 5 into magic ring and arrange in half-circle shape.  Attach to side of head along the same row as the eyes.


Row 1: sc 6 into a magic ring with hair color (I used light brown) (6)
Row 2: inc all the way around (12)
Row 3: [sc, inc] * Repeat * all the way around (18)
Row 4: [sc 2, inc] * Repeat * all the way around (24)
Row 5: sc all the way around (24)
Slst, pull the yarn through, and cut off  leaving a long enough end to attach to head.

Attaching the hair to the head
Starting above the ear, where the row from the head was crocheted only into the inner loop, now whip stitch around the front of the head in the remaining outer loop. Only stitch the hair down to the front half of the head so that the back can be peeled back to reveal the brain.


Ch 4 with same yarn as shirt. Turn, dbc in first ch from hook, 2sc, slst to close.   Leave a tail long enough to sew collar to body.

Shirt Buttons
Stitch using yarn needle or find fun little buttons and stitch down with thread. I chose just 2 buttons done with the same yarn color as the shoes and belt.

Ch 4. Turn and sc, ch 1,  slst into the next ch, ch 1, sc into the last ch in the row, ch 1 and slst into the same ch. Pull your yarn through and around to the back of your bow tie and wrap around the center. Tie/ sew in place on the front of your stylish zombie.

You did it! You have a completed Mr. Zombie! Now take him out and let him explore. Here are some more pictures I took of him before sending him to his forever home (since the first Mr. Zombie was the main item in my Zombie Apocalypse themed swap).

Can I haz your brainz, plz?

Either recently attacked or basking in the sunset. You decide.

Worf made the perfect Zombie attack victim
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