Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pre-, during, and post Color Run

 My review of the Color Run is as follows: Totally worth it! But seriously, it was a fun run that reached out to all ages (babies to walkers) and to all abilities (walking to PRing). A great experience with a fabulous group of people!  

Warning: lots of pictures ahead!

Pre-Color Run

All set at the starting line
Conga line to the start, worried faces exchanged, and here we go!
Showing off our protective gear


Yellow = First kilometer
Pink and Orange = 2nd and 3rd Kilometer
Blue = 4th Kilometer; 1 more to go!
Crossing the finish line!
Post race party

Post race color throw

Getting the last bits of color out

Second color throw
color throw over 5 seconds

Post Color Run

An absolutely fantastic day! Until next time, dear readers, live long and prosper!

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