Saturday, August 24, 2013

Race day preparation

Morning of the Medford Color Run 5k. Oh man, I can't wait. T-minus 1hour till the start of the "Happiest 5k on the planet". This entry will be fairly short since we will soon be leaving for the race and because everything I have to say I found via a short Google search.

Now, its a good idea to get the proper amount of sleep every night but especially the days leading up to your race. Last night I was definitely feeling that pre-race nervousness but no matter what activity I'm getting worked up about, I always remind myself that I'll be better prepared for the next day with a good night's rest, rather than worrying all night.

Stretching Warming-up
The first thing I'm always concerned about before a race is if I'm stretching properly and enough. So, sitting her, prepped to leave, I did a quick search on my phone. According to numerous articles from RunnersWorld, stretching could actually increase your chances of injury. The sports doc and other sites I followed up on actually suggest a warm-up routine 25 minutes prior to the start of the race. Something along the lines of a light jog, sprint, jog, and walk. When it comes to stretching, apparently flexibility is more of a genetic thing so attempting to push your flexibility limits could end up in some serious damage!

Now, just from personal experience, eating within an hour of a race is a bad idea. For one, I'm always pumping with adrenaline and then the act of running a little bit faster then usual makes the food sitting in my stomach want to make an appearance. Also, instead of eating a traditional breakfast (which I typically don't eat anyway), go for something light and full of energy. For this morning our hosts provided us some tasty bagels, cream cheese, and fruit. Yum!

What time should I get there?
I am always crazy stressed about missing the starting time whether that be by not finding a parking spot, not finding the starting line, or just not leaving on time. With all that stress, I usually end up getting there in the perfect time/ a little early. Depending on the size of the race, I suggest getting there 1hour-1.5hours before the start of the race. For us that would be between 6:30am-7am. This 1hour window allows time for parking, finding the starting line, picking up your packet (which we did yesterday), and getting in your warm-up jog (now on my to-do list for this morning). 

And there you have it, my suggestions for your race day preparation. For more tips from those who actually know what they're talking about here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

Now, I'm off for easily the most colorful run I have ever/ will ever participate in. Tune in tonight (hopefully; depending on my level of energy) for race day before, during, and after Color Run pictures. Until then, readers, live colorfully and prosper!

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