Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome to our

Not that we have guests that often/ ever but I thought it would be nice to provide our wifi network and password during the few times that we do. I love how easy QR codes are - snap a picture with your smart phone and you are automatically connected to whatever the QR creator intended you to be connected to. I've had this idea of cross stitching a QR code planned out for a while and even had the pattern almost entirely complete for near 6 months. I am proud to say, I have finally completed this one of a kind cross stitch project.

I started with a basic QR code generator where I could customize the link however I wanted. Once that was complete and downloaded, I got to planning out the pattern using an Excel spreadsheet. I do not take complete ownership for the border, though I did customize it a bit to fit my needs. Making the pattern was fairly simple and, since I wanted to the QR code to be large enough to be recognized on a phone, I stitched 4 squares for every 1 square of code. After my pattern was printed, it was just a simple matter of stitching it like anything else. It took me several evenings to complete the stitching but once it was done, I was so proud of how it all turned out and it fit so nicely with my goodwill-found picture frame.

I've had an empty space where this would one day go ever since we moved into our new place. Now, the hole is filled and I can check off another week of goal #6. Until next time, live long and prosper!


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