Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This morning I had such a difficult time rolling out of bed for 5:30am Zumba but I'm glad that I did. We started off slow, working on very specific areas of our body - first arms with different kinds of push ups, then legs with various squats, and on to core with crunches, bicycle, and scissors. My goal, beyond loosing weight, is to get through the exercises that we do without stopping to take a break and to push myself each and every time. This morning I certainly did that. After working specific areas, we did a few dances (as per usual), final ab workout, and cool down.

The last ab workout, man oh man, was a killer. For at least half the song we did just sit-ups. Now, I never realized that there was a difference between crunches and sit-ups. Maybe you don't either so here it is: crunches are the half up, squeeze your stomach, ones. Sit-ups are the sitting all the way up, pulling up as if there was an imaginary rope, then going back down slowly. This has only been the second time that we've done full sit-ups in Zumba - the first time I maybe did every other one that we were supposed to do. Today? I did every single one. Yup, pretty hardcore, I know :) With that said, I'm going to be crazy sore tomorrow.

I have some tips for ya'll:

Put in at least a little workout every day - I always think that a workout means sweating so I get so discouraged when I know I may have time to workout but not enough to shower. This week, though, I'm going to try to get in a least a little workout (probably crunches or push-ups) so you should join me in this.

Small goals!! - I know I've said this before but I'm a person of repetition. Once again, I get so discouraged when I don't lose weight as fast as I'd like and forget about the other areas that I am improving in (like being able to do all the sit-ups). 

Eat - yup, I said it. In conversations I've had with people and looking at my own misconceptions I've noticed one key thing. That is, we assume that if we eat a little less, that'll start us off on our weight loss or getting healthy. While that's partly true, it's also very wrong. If you don't eat enough and then try to workout, your body holds on to what you just ate so that it has enough energy. So, eat less junky food and more good food.

That's all I have for you today. It's a bit overcast here but the weather report says it won't be raining so perhaps I'll get to ride my bike to class. I encourage you to stretch yourself and take 30minutes to push yourself. Today is a great day to start losing weight/ working out/ getting healthy. Until next time, live long and prosper.

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