Monday, March 4, 2013


There are some weeks that go by where the only thoughts I experience are all the negative ones and I have no motivation whatsoever. Last week... was not one of those weeks. I felt so fantastic and motivated last week! It was great!! For that reason, my time was spent catching up on the homework that I had let slip by. While I was slacking on posting here, I did not slack off on working out. So, while I haven't posted in a little over a week, I'm not going to make this long (I have two exams this week, eeeekkk):

First off, if you have that burst of motivation, take advantage of it!

ZUMBA-ING: I went to Zumba on Monday evening and butt-crack-of-dawn Friday morning - it was all fantastic. I did get up and go to Zumba on Wednesday morning but when I got there, I found out that the instructor was sick so I came back home, did homework for an hour, then took a 3 hour nap :) I'm starting to notice changes in my ability to keep up with the songs and not take breaks in the middle of songs - Yay! However, I'm struggling with bicycle crunches because there's this one spot on my back that hurts when I do it. Suggestions on how to ease the pain and do the crunches?

CYCLYING: I've been riding my bike to and from class more and it is a great feeling. I can't wait for the sun to stay out longer so that I can ride it everywhere else I need (except the store since I do a once a month shopping trip). I also finally got my tax refund check which means that I was able to buy the bike I've been hoping to buy since this time last year (the Dolce Sport Compact Specialized Women's road bike). It'll only be used to my long rides but I'm so stoked to get started on training for those rides. It should be in by Friday so be on the lookout for pictures!

RUNNING: Yeah... that hasn't happened. Since I've been cycling and zumba-ing, I've let running go. Even though I have homework and such, I do hope to get in at least one or two runs this next week. That Run4Love is quickly approaching. Maybe I can even get my boyfriend to join me (since he promised he would also do Run4Love with me).

MOTIVATION: There has been some awesome weather this last week. I love the sunny weather, even if it is a bit chilly still. Just waking up to the beautiful clear sky, motivates me to get outside and workout. In addition to that, on Saturday my youngest brother had a wrestling meet and was talking about Biggest Loser. I used to watch it and eventually stopped because I would get awfully down when the contestants were all weighing in less than me. After hearing him talk about it, I decided to start watching it again so that the thing that used to discourage me would now encourage me to get off my butt and workout. I'm considering coming up with workouts that go along with TV shows I watch (kind of like a drinking game but working out rather than getting drunk).

So with the nice weather comes a chance to get outside more. That means I'll probably be posting more things about camping, hiking, traveling, and the like. Be watching for that so, until next time - live long and prosper!

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