Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's here

That's right! I finally got the bike I've been wanting for over a year. Went to the bike shop and picked it up but, since I rode my commuter bike to class today, I had to leave my old bike there for a much needed tune up. Then I, obviously, got to ride it home. Some things I learned in that 3/4 mile ride:
  1. The seat is rock hard. I was hardly on it and my butt already hurts... may need to get a new one (didn't think of that until I was sitting on it)
  2. It shifts quite easily especially since the shifters are apart of the brakes (push the gear to the inside, it increases; push the brake to the inside, it decreases)
  3. The tape on the handle bars is much more comfortable than my commuter bike (pretty teal and padded too)
  4. Brakes work great... okay, well, they work like they're supposed to. My commuter bike's brakes are not as effective when you use them so to use the new bikes brakes was surprising at first and then really exciting (I won't die when I try to stop!!).
  5. It's much easier to carry up the stairs then the other bike. I was really worried about banging it against the railing and such on my way up but it didn't go rogue like the commuter. Plus, I'm fairly certain that it doesn't weigh as much.
 So there ya have it. My initial review of my new bike mainly compared to my commuter which I will continue to ride as... the commuter bike. I can't wait to go for an actual ride with it. I need to figure out how the clip in shoes work. That's next on my to do list. Also, when I get a chance to take a picture of it outdoors, I will do that and post one or two here.

In other news: tomorrow morning is Zumba, grocery shopping, and possibly a bike ride (my boyfriend might even join me!). Grocery shopping because I have little food worthy of making a meal out of (PB&J without the bread or noodles without any sauce). I've seen some tasty and healthy looking meals on Pinterest recently so I think I'm going to shoot for more healthy like food - more fresh veggies and fruit and less pop it in the microwave foods. These two meals ( Fajita-style quesadilla and chicken, tomato, & cucumber dinner salad) in particular look delicious:

If you follow this link, it'll take to the website where I found these two meals, along with 18 other healthy meals [under $3 each]. That's all I have for you now. Until next time, live long and prosper!

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