Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break camping

Hello all. I know I haven't written for a while and I'm honestly quite embarrassed about it. In all truthfulness, I've been trying to stay focused on school but don't worry, I have been keeping up with my normal workout schedule. I'm also happy to say that I've lost 10% of my starting weight and I intended on losing more. Some short updates:

Run4Love: If you've been over to my running goals page, you'll see that the Run4Love has come and gone. My boyfriend and I ran it together and it was an absolutely fantastic way to start of my season of racing. Of course we didn't win but we passed a lot of people (we accidentally started in the back, with the "walkers"... which made me think of Zombies so we really ran in the beginning). Being that the weather has been its typical Oregon self, we haven't had much time to get outside to train but that Zumba stuff was a huge help. One little thing to mention - the website and everything said it was a 5k... there's a difference between a 5k (3.18 miles) and 2.1miles (I tracked it on my phone while running). Oh well, it still felt good to do it and all the money went to support a local organization (Love Inc).

Cycling: Now this is especially depressing for me. I've only had a chance to ride my new bike once! That is for two reasons, 1. as I said I've been trying to stay focused on school and this month was a sprint to spring break in all my classes and 2. it's been raining whenever I do get a free few hours. On top of that, once I got my bike, I left Mr.commuter for a tune up but I wasn't able to pick it up for almost 2 weeks (when it was sunny) so I had no choice but to drive to class. I know, a lot of complaining. I plan on getting out much more this coming month, hopefully to get in enough miles to participate in the Monster Cookie Metric Century.

CAMPING!!!: I am finally getting to go camping - today! I am so stoked. I didn't sleep very well last night because I was so excited. Okay, and a little anxious about forgetting something. This is the first trip that I've planned (it's always been my parents or my boyfriend's dad). I now understand why my parents were always so grumpy by the time we got to the camp site. Here are a few sites and such that I found helpful in my planning:

1. Cheesecake in a jar -
Cheesecake in a jar
my boyfriend loves cheesecake and, when he saw this on my pinterest, gave me the puppy dog eyes and asked me to make 'em for our trip. How could I say no? I substituted a few things tho: 40% fat free cream cheese (instead of not fat free), homemade huckleberry jam and fresh strawberries (instead of strawberry jam and rhubarb), and cheap graham crackers (instead of graham crumbs - same thing, just cheaper)

2. Cake like desserts in an orange - now we're also doing cinnamon rolls but I've seen lots of other sites doing the same thing with brownies, cakes, and other such things.Once again, my boyfriend loves cinnamon rolls and I thought this would be a fun idea (plus it meant getting and eating oranges and I love me some oranges).
Cake like desserts in an orange

DIY fire starters
3. DIY fire starters - definitely made these! Since we don't plan on bringing any sort of stove, we definitely needed something to help us get a fire started. I made, I think, 54 of these lil guys (3 18-pack egg cartons). I really hope they work because melting the candle wax took a long time (I used a cheap 200 pack of tea-light candles that I got at Fred Meyer a while back for $2). I'm praying they work, though I can't really see them not.

4. The Ulimate camping list - Now, of course, I didn't need everything on this list but it was a great help just being able to go through and make sure I had everything. I was reminded of a few things that I didn't initially think of (though at the moment I also can't think of any examples to give).
The ultimate camping list

Yeah, just four. I had a few others that I browsed through courtesy of pinterest but these were the ones that I turned to. I'll admit, many of the ones that I went through were about food because my boyfriend loves food and I'm always worried that I'm going to cook something uneatable and... yeah. After 5 years, I still worry about things. Anyway, now that he's finally up, we can get the car packed up, clean the house, and get goin'. I'm so excited! So I'll leave you with this.

Until next time, live long and prosper!

p.s. That reminds me! Today is Leonard Nimoy's 83nd birthday so happy birthday to him and buy yourself something star trek!

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