Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A new vision

During the roadtrip, I came to a conclusion on where I want to take this blog: For the next week, each day I will post on my process of planning the roadtrip complete with printables, links to websites, and app reviews. Following that, I will post 4 days out of each week on the following topics:

Sunday: Reading/ School
Classic books
Bible in a year

Tuesday and Thursday: DIY and crafts

Saturday: Working out

This blog originally started out as a way to motivate myself to workout. However, there are numerous areas of my life that I desire to better myself in. The roadtrip gave me time to think through just what those areas are and what better place to document that journey than right here. Due to that, I have also updated my mission statement [changes in italics] - "To explore strange new challenges, to seek out new DIYs and new adventures, to boldly go where I have never gone before." I greatly look forward to the future of this blog so, let me know what ya'll think. Any suggestions on apps I should review, DIYs I should try, workouts worth trying? Well, until my next post dear readers, live long and prosper!

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