Sunday, July 14, 2013

Reading: Bible in a year

Part of bettering myself includes reading and, of those reading materials, includes the Bible. Growing up Christian, going to a Christian university, and getting one of my degrees in Christian Ministry means that I've read a good portion of the bible. However, I've always felt that I'm missing out on taking time each day to go through the entire bible. All over the internet there are lots of bible reading plans to fit just about any desire. For my boyfriend (who agreed to do a daily devotion with me) and I, we wanted a year long, chronological bible reading plan. These aren't hard to come across but, to fit with the rest of my bettering binder, I had to put it to some color. Once again, I've linked the picture below to the Google doc so you can follow along with us.
I know the font here is a tad small but, it's much more legible when printed out
If you're not into printing things out, don't worry. There's also a great (free!) app that you can get on any Android or Apple device. It's called YouVersion Bible App and gives you everything you would ever want in a bible app.

You can choose your favorite version to read (NIV, KJV, Message, you name it), the length of bible plan you'd like to try, add notes or highlight to your hearts delight, and sync it with all your devices so you're always sure where you're at with your plan.

My boyfriend, Jeremiah, and I are so far on day 14 (being that we started on July 1st) and have enjoyed reading through the beginning of Genesis and all of Job. What I've learned is that it's good to have an accountability partner who is just as interested in completing a goal as you are. We used to get up and, right away, turn on the news. For the last 14 days, though, we get up 30minutes earlier than we used to and, while he gets the coffee, I find where we are at. Then we alternate reading the passages for the day, each day (so today it was his turn to read). It has become a great start to our day. Well, that's all I have for today, dear readers. Until next time, live long and prosper!

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