Saturday, July 13, 2013

Working out: Running

When it comes to training for a race, its hard to know where to start. Thankfully we have the internet which is filled with various workout plans. Two key things to always keep in mind when deciding on a plan - make sure it starts where you are already at and have rest days. In order to improve, you always have to push yourself but if you push yourself too far, you can get hurt. For myself, I'd like to think that someday I'll be able to run a marathon so I went in search of a long term plan that had that as the end goal. Here's what I found:

26-Week Marathon Training Schedule
1Walk 20 min.RestWalk 20 min.Walk 20 min.RestWalk 20 min.Rest80 min.
2Run/Walk 20 min.RestRun/Walk 20 min.Run/Walk 20 min.RestRun/Walk 20 min.Rest80 min.
3Run/Walk 25 min.RestRun/Walk 25 min.Run/Walk 25 min.RestRun/Walk 25 min.Rest100 min.
4Run/Walk 30 min.RestRun/Walk 30 min.Run/Walk 30 min.RestRun/Walk 30 min.Rest120 min.
5Run/Walk 35 min.RestRun/Walk 35 min.Run/Walk 35 min.RestRun/Walk 35 min.Rest140 min.
6Run/Walk 35 min.RestRun/Walk 35 min.Run/Walk 35 min.RestRun/Walk 35 min.Rest140 min.
7Run 20 min.RestRun 20 min.Run 20 min.RestRun 20 min.Rest80 min.
8Run 25 min.RestRun 25 min.Run 25 min.RestRun 25 min.Rest100 min.
9Run 25 min.RestRun 30 min.Run 25 min.RestRun 40 min.Rest120 min.
10Run 25 min.RestRun 20 min.Run 25 min.RestRun 30 min.Rest100 min.
263Rest3Walk 2Rest26.2Rest34.2

What I like about this plan is that it doesn't start with running 3 miles, as some are. In fact, while I've participated in a few 5k races, I don't think I've ever full on run more than a block or two (yeah, I'm really out of shape). Not only that but this plan gives me the okay on walking, not just the first week, but for the first 10 weeks! Even if I run out of energy to run a full marathon, I'll at least be able to run the two 5ks that I'm already signed up for at the end of the summer (Color Run on August 24th and Warrior Dash on September 7th). Plus, it has those much desired rest days that I mentioned.

Now, I've been following this plan for the last 3 1/2 weeks now. Something I realized that really should have been quite obvious: The more weeks that go by, the easier it is to run farther and longer. My boyfriend has been joining me on these run/walks and, without even realizing it, we're already up to jogging 2 miles!

Since I've also been implementing other workout plans (cycling, abs, pushups, and planks), I've put together a blank calendar that can be filled out for each month. I don't know why but colorful things to fill out is motivating to me (yeah, I'm weird). Anyway, I printed out a few of these and filled out my workout plan through to September (in preparation for the 5ks). Each day has a line for each of the plans I'm following just in case there's ever a day that I had to do all 5 (run, bike, abs, pushups, and plank). As I've now said twice, always have rest days so printing this out also gave me a good visual at how to organize my workout days so that I would indeed have a rest day (except for planks, I do that everyday). Since I'm just so nice, I've linked the picture below to the Google doc so you too can have a print out workout calendar (I tried embedding it but Google docs kept freaking out; sorry).
What I have also really appreciated about this calendar is each month I can set goals for myself and give myself a little inspiration (quote, before/ after picture, note from loved one, etc.). Well, that's it for now. Tune back each Saturday for more on working out, apps, and plans to follow. Until next time, live long and prosper!

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