Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jesus Freak

Hey hey hey! Just got back from Zumba and as you may expect, I have a few things to say:

First, there were so many people (around 20) there and this gave me quite a few mixed feelings. For one, I'm a bit introverted and I'm all about small class sizes. Then again, it's great that so many people are wanting to workout. But then again, I experienced a little bit of egocentrism (specifically imaginary audience) and think everyone is staring at and judging me (I was smack dab in the middle of the room today). Then again, if everyone is staring at and watching me then they know I've been here before and are looking at me for guidance (I am so full of myself, apparently). And then... I just decided to not think about it because I was focusing more on everything but working out.

Second, that song that i couldn't remember but I could remember the actual workout (click here for that blog entry) well, it was coupled with a different song today. I was so stoked that it was a song that not only did I recognize but it was the first one I knew the lyrics to. As you may have guessed from the title, the song was Jesus Freak by DC Talk (1995). I'm not sure if it's because I've done this workout a few times before now or because I was paying more attention to singing the song in my head but it seemed so much easier this time.

Third, I recognized another song! That song from Beetlejuice, Jump in Line (Shake, Shake Senora). There are parts of the workout to this song that I remember but it'll probably take another time of doing it before I can post it. I know that it works a lot on legs and jumping and arms and then the occasional posing like you're the star of the room. Yup, that made a lot of sense, I know.

Fourth and lastly, I have tips!!

The song doesn't really matter so long as it's up beat and you can rock out to it
 The workout doesn't have to be over when the class is over, jog or ride your bike home 
(if the weather continues to be nice, I think I'm going to start riding my bike there and back)

Get a partner! Whether it's just somebody you go to class with or maybe a spouse or just someone off the street, even if you don't make an agreement, they become an accountability partner  
(for me it's kind of this blog because I've convinced myself that people actually read it)
I've probably said this before but it's so important. Just drink water all day: If you're feeling a bit hungry - drink a bunch of water and then eat 30ish minutes later, can't focus on what you're doing - take a walk to the drinking fountain and back, working out - drink an entire water bottle at least! Just hydrate (with water, preferably)!

Yup, those were my thoughts for the day. I don't have any real plans to workout (physically) for the remainder of the day, though I still have quite a bit of homework (mostly reading) so I will be working out my brain (like that semi-annoying commercial where the girl says it's harder to workout her brain and I just want to scream at her like, "you're too skinny and probably workout all the time. Of course it's harder to workout your brain 'cause you don't have one!"... that's not true. I'm sorry. I love people). Actually, if the clouds hold in their rain a bit longer, I may convince my boyfriend to walk to the coffee shop instead of driving (I figured if we went somewhere to study we wouldn't be distracted by the things in my apartment like my cats and the TV and how I need to water my plants and.. you get the picture). Hmmmm, I'll think about it (I'm not a fan of being cold and wet). Whelp, that's it for now. Until next time (perhaps Monday), live long and prosper!

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