Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adolescents and Heels

I intended to post last night but I had a presentation this morning and I thought my time might be better spent finishing my poster. Any whozzles: Last night, I lead games for the middle school youth group. Usually I try to give the kids something different then usual and go through about three games. However, there is one game in particular that they love that I decided it would be okay if I gave into it - Kick the Can. 
Pretty simple game: flip a garbage can over in an open area, those who are not it get to run throughout the entire building avoiding the taggers. If you are tagged you sit around the can. In order to be untagged, someone from your team comes and kicks the can (everyone is free). Usually works best if the teams are unevenly numbered. It's also a great game for the youth leaders to be more involved in the game since they are usually the taggers. Last night I added in my own flavor and for each round assigned different people to be it (e.g. anyone with black on their pants, anyone wearing pink or red, etc.)
As for working out, as a chaser you can get quite the workout chasing energetic 6-8th graders around the building. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee during Zumba so while I did play, it was minimally (which I was bummed about, especially since I chose the game).

Now today was another story. As I said in the beginning, I had a presentation this morning which means dressing all professional like. I was reminded (as I was on Valentines day) wearing heels is workout in itself. Since I'm a commuter, I obviously have to park in the commuter parking lot. Unfortunately for me, it is on the opposite side of campus from the building I needed to be in (and the classroom is on the second floor). So, my workout for today was walking across campus in a hurry (though I was there in more than enough time), attempting to juggle my huge poster and binder (having a poster that's only a foot shorter than you can be difficult to carry), and then walking back to my car afterwards. I did have to chuckle to myself when I got to the classroom because I was just about out of breath and starting to sweat. Phew-ee.

By the way, I saw this today and immediately thought, "YES! That's exactly how I feel [after doing the ab related Zumba workouts]"

Hope that brought a list half smile on your face. Also that's probably the only workout I'll do for today because I am absolutely exhausted (a combination of not as much sleep as usual and stress overload). Until next time, live long and prosper!

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  1. I need pictures!!!!
    Also, when I played kick the can (100 or so years ago), the "can" was a coffee can and I think it was a hiding game and when you were found you had to stand by the can until someone on your team released you by kicking it. It was always outside - my mother never allowed running and hiding in the house :)