Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back in the Saddle

It was finally nice enough outside to ride my bike to class. I was a tad nervous at first simply because it's Oregon and it could rain at anytime but it turned out to be perfect. What I discovered around this time last year is that it takes me just as long to drive to campus as it does to ride my bike (with all the stop signs and such) so time can never truly be an excuse. Plus, I get to park my bike much closer to the building my class is in then the far side of the commuter parking lot. AND! I save gas. All wonderful reasons to ride my bike. Oh, and I love being out in the fresh air.

Bike photo
The picture is not my personal bike but this is the type of bike that I am currently riding (Grand Record Motobecane). It works out quite well for just commuting around town but long distance... it needs some work. I'm not a huge fan of it changing gears on me randomly and the seat swiveling side to side. Meh, I'm over it for now.

Back to the actual working out. I wanted to continue riding but without my workout clothes on and a bike that doesn't actually fit me, I figured it might be best to head back home and get working on my homework. I did allow myself to go the long way around to my apartment, though.
The final stretch of road before turning into my apartment complex

There's just something so peaceful about riding your bike on back roads with no sounds but the wind rushing past you and the distant sounds of the city. I know you can get the same sort of feeling when running but since my runs are more like fast walking, I prefer the saddle. Well, I suppose I should do that homework I mentioned. I have a big presentation on Thursday that I need to be prepared for and another experiment to put together for another class (not to mention all the reading and other small assignments from my other classes). Eh, it's all for my future so I best just suck it up and get to. Until next time, live long and prosper!

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