Sunday, February 17, 2013

Walk, walk, walk

I've made the move! 

Now, before this site I had another blog spot but due to odd updates to the site and blah blah blah. I decided to move, 'nuf said. Anyway, if you so desire to read my previous posts here's the link
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From here on out I will be posting here, though.

Now onto the stuff that matters.

So since I was visiting family this week, I didn't get to go to Zumba on Saturday. However, I did "workout" in other ways. Yesterday (being Saturday), I did a lot of walking. For example, I wanted some time with my boyfriend so we drove to Walmart and just walked through each of the aisles (and occasionally tried to hide from each other... okay I was the only one hiding but those are just small details). Today, my boyfriend further assisted me by taking me to a local park for a small picnic (which we ate in the car 'cause it was a little too cold for me) and then walked his dad's dogs one lap around the park. Now, one lap seems a little pathetic except that these dogs, well mainly just the little one, loves to sniff and look at... well everything.

 I suppose introductions are in order: The black lab is Harley who my boyfriend has had since middleschool (Yes, I do remember when Harhar was just a lil puppy). The other one (I don't remember what breed/s she is) is Daisy and she is the one that can be quite a handful sometimes mainly due to all of her energy. Both are fantastic dogs and I love getting to visit them. 

Anyway, so I primarily walked Harley around (while my boyfriend walked Daisy) because he knows not to pull on the leash. However, at one point Daisy decided that pooping needed to happen right then and there but we had left the doggie bags in the car so I continued, slowly, walking with both dogs while my boyfriend hurried back to the car to retrieve the bags. We finished our walk around the park and spent another 30minutes on a bench just chatting while the dogs sniffed around and occasionally barked at other dogs and such. Well, that was enough workout for me for today (Okay, I guess that still doesn't make it any less pathetic but whatever).

In all seriousness (like that ever happens), I am heading back home tonight and am taking a bike with me (that fits) so that I have a bike to ride until I go forward with my plan to buy a fancy new one (the one in the picture on the sidebar). Plus, I'll now have 2 bikes at my house so my boyfriend and I will be able to go on short rides together when he visits on the weekends. Workout plan for the next week:
  • Monday - Evening Zumba
  • Tuesday - Evening Zombie run
  • Wednesday - Early morning Zumba
  • Thursday - Evening Zombie run
  • Friday - bike ride?!
  • Saturday - morning Zumba
Well, that's the plan anyway. That's all I have for now. Until next time, live long and propser!

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