Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So much sweat

I did it; another 5:15am morning to be at Zumba at 5:30 (First time I wasn't late, actually). I didn't sleep well last night at all and had to get up several times for various things so actually getting up was more of a challenge then usual. Once I was up and on my way to Zumba, I was glad I had decided to go but I definitely already looking forward to going to bed tonight (I love my 8hours of sleep each night). 
Okay, so Zumba today: Two things I quickly began to notice about this morning: 1. I was incredibly sore (both from the new workouts we did on Monday and riding yesterday) and 2. I was sweating a lot. I mean, both are good signs, right? Anyway, I remembered two workouts this time (but not the song to the first one... sorry) so here they are:
  • Song 1
    • normal pushups (either full out, on your knees, or on your knees and barely bending your arms - choose your challenge)
    • pushups with your fingers pointed in (this works other muscles)
    • pushups with your hands making a triangle (this one kills me and, once again, works different muscles)
    • Turn over and, remember when you were a kid and did crab races? Yeah, do that pose and pump your body up and down (so crab like then table like)
    • normal crunches
    • scissors (on your back with your legs up in the air moving up and down)
    • Now move back up the list and you're done
    • If at any time during the pushups you're like, "nope, not gunna happen" take a second or two and do the "child's pose" (sit back on your knees/ ankles, then lean all the way forward, almost like you're bowing).
  • Skyscraper - Demi Lovato (You'll need a chair or something to balance against)
    •  Start out with the chair facing away from you, and lean your forearms on the back of the chair), work out begins when the words do
    • Lift one leg in a bend (I'll refer to this as 'down') and in four counts (smoothly) do the following (verse 1)
      • Off the the side
      • all the way stretched out (like you're kicking to the side)
      • back in
      • down
    • Now push that leg straight back and hold it there (chorus)
    • Bend your leg up as if trying to push your heel to the ceiling (chorus)
    • Straighten that leg out again (chorus)
    • Now switch and repeat the above with the other leg (verse 2 and 2nd time of chorus)
    • Facing forward, spread your legs as if doing a squat, and get up on those toes (Rest of song)
      • 2 counts down, 2 counts up (repeat)
      • Occasionally mix it up by moving slowly down for more counts and then back up or by holding it down for 8 counts (perhaps whenever she changes her volume of singing)
      • Finish the song on a good note (we usually finish with the holding down but whatever is a challenge for you, go for it)
That first workout is a killer! It was a new one on Monday and we did it again this morning. Skyscraper is also difficult at times, especially if we've already done other leg workouts before. I did also remember another song that, when it plays I can remember parts of the workout.. though I'm not sure how great I would be at explaining them since it's more of a dance. The song is Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira ft.Freshlyground. It's a lot of movement with the arms and the legs and little bit of salsa and, yeah, lots. Oh and one more! Work Hard, Play Hard (which I believe I've mentioned before) is all about standing abs. There ya have it, I actually remembered a few things. 

I also found this video and while I prefer working out fully clothed and with my hair pulled back, I think this is pretty close to how we work out to this song. So watch that if ya want to perhaps see what I'm talking about.

I also thought of more advice to share:

Enjoy what you're doing (I'm sure I've shared something along these lines before but I think it's really important) - if you don't, you're not going to stick with it


BE POSITIVE (now I know I've said this lots but it's also so stinkin' true. I hate waking up at 5:15am but I do it to laugh at the sun when it finally decides to show up. Seriously, I walk out of the building we meet in just when it's starting to lighten up and I think, "Beat ya again Mr.Sun!")

That's all I have for you right now. I might post tonight after youth group since I'm leading games but we'll have to see and I'll definitely post tomorrow after whatever workout I decide on (I know I said I'd go for a jog but the forecast isn't looking like that'll happen). Until next time, live long and prosper!

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